Our speeches are being tailored for our customers.

We illustrate the key elements of human work behavior with examples from the aviation, the medicine or the diplomacy. And we show you the financial benefit of efficient work.

In addition, we are experts on the following issues: Communication, decision making and situational awareness (high-risk environment experience). Multicultural skills (merger), gender issues (in a team), occupational medicine, neuroscience (how your brain works). Ethical basics and historic experience underline our inputs.


We offer half-day or day long workshops. We do not conduct ex-cathedra teaching. Most of the time, the clients themselves work in groups. This allows us to identify weak areas and develop solutions.

Team Analysis

If there are real issues within a team, it might need more than just a speech. We can do a thorough analysis that consists of 3 steps. First, we engage with your team during one day; we talk, observe and identify the challenges at stake.

Second, we send the identified challenges to the whole VICERO Research Team. They develop a simple, interdisciplinary and scientific solution for your issues (duration: one week). 

Third, VICERO returns to your team and discusses and implement the solution (duration: half-day).

by rettenmund