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Our principles


VICERO is at the source of a lot of practical and scientific energy. Our team has an average age of 35 years. We see, feel and experience the big challenges of today’s labor environment. But we want to keep it simple. We develop simple solutions for complicated issues. And we deliver simple tools so that the teams of the future remain healthy, encouraged and human.


An opinion of one discipline can be helpful. Different opinions combined from different disciplines and various experts is the veritable source of sustainable solutions. We try hard not to be subject to cognitive biases and reach erroneous conclusions. Thus, for instance, the opinion of the pilot is being challenged by the experience of the medical doctor. The theoretical findings of our neuroscientist are combined with the cost-saving perspective of our economist. We combine, differentiate and conclude carefully. This is what brings us to unique and integral solutions.


One can have quite good ideas during a walk and try to sell them. But we want more. We work with scientific findings. As some of us work inside the scientific environment, we know the reliable sources of good surveys. And we only deliver information of great scientific quality. Furthermore, our brainstorming itself is the result of scientifically thinking brains with a fusion of wide knowledge and experience.

by rettenmund