What is VICERO

VICERO stands on two pillars: Coaching and Expertise. Our focus is the human being.

With regards to coachings, there are 3 possibilities. An individual coaching, a group coaching or a management consulting.

Our expertise consists of the VICERO-Team’s collective and interdisciplinary brain power. We offer a thorough analysis and define the corresponding measures.

Your experts

VICERO’s founder is a long-haul pilot. He also teaches human factors for airline pilots and has a master’s degree in international relations. But he is not alone. An interdisciplinary and scientific team works at VICERO: A medical doctor, an anthropologist, a diplomat and a neuropsychologist make sure that you get the best possible solution.

Our approach

We care about the human being within his system. We care about the future. And we care about the challenges in this future. Our work is based on the solution focused and systemic approach.

Our strength

VICERO is simple, interdisciplinary and scientific.


Our field of work

If there is a difference between your current state and your target state, this means work for us. “What exactly prevents me from working in the form I would like to?” VICERO is flexible and adapts its methods to the requirements of our clients.

by rettenmund